The Hefner Family has just introduced a new meat sauce fashioned after the Argentine sauce used by Gauchos for centuries.

Carol Hefner

It’s a recipe that was developed when Creative Director, Robert Hefner IV worked the horses and barns at the polo fields with the Argentine gauchos. In the evenings, the gauchos grilled meat over open pit fires and made red chimichurri sauce in empty wine bottles. Robert would watch them make it and captured the amounts of each ingredient as they poured them into the wine bottle. 

The Hefner Family loved the specialty sauce and have been making it in their kitchen for over 30 years for family and friends. Guests could never have enough, and it would take so long to make, the family finally decided to bring it into production for the public market. 

Join them and enjoy their first production run of the signature
Galimaro Spicy Argentine Sauce.



Daily Oklahoman, Life and Food Section

For 30 years, the Hefner family has bottled its unique blend of South American sauce for friends and family. The process grew and finally required Carol and Robert Hefner to go commercial, according to information on their website. The red sauce is a bold and versatile condiment that complements grilled meats, seafood, pastas and casseroles. It is also used as a marinade or dip. In his youth, Robert Hefner IV worked with Argentinian gauchos, tending to the polo ponies of the family stables. These men routinely created home recipes and grilled meats over open pit fires.
The sauce became a staple at Hefner's table and a favorite of family and friends. When he and Carol married, they decided to bottle the sauce. Over the course of 30 years, the production became overwhelming. They began the work of going commercial and Galimaro Sauce, named for the couples' five children - Gabrielle, Alexis, Aliya, Iman and Robert V - was born. Galimaro is available on the shelves of retailers.





Oklahoma Gazette, Food Briefs by Devon Green

Carol Hefner

Local resident Robert Hefner IV had the good fortune to spend his boyhood summers alongside Argentine gauchos, from which he learned the cowboy craft and their recipes. After years of experimentation, he perfected his own version of the popular spicy, flavorful chimichurri sauce. He has put the whole family, including his wife Carol, to work helping him make it here in the city. The spicy, flavorful condiment is an excellent complement to grilled meats.

Galimaro’s Gaucho Sauce is available from area retailers, including Buy For Less, 3501 Northwest Expressway, and The Meat House, 2249 W. Danforth Road, in Edmond. Learn more and order sauces at

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